Linardakis & Partners Law Firm and its founder, S. Linardakis, has been actively involved in providing legal services to major clients and corporations for some of the most significant business transactions in the Greek market for over 35 years, across an array of industries and sectors.

The firm’s roots trace back to Remantas-Linardakis Law Firm, which in the 1980s and 1990s fundamentally contributed to both developing and shaping the Banking, Tourism, Hotel Chain, Insurance and Debt Collection sectors by pioneering a series of mergers, acquisitions, restructuring projects and investments for major local and international players in these industries. Indicatively, ground breaking transactions included the merger of foreign and Greek tour operators at an international level that radically changed the numbers, form and quality of incoming tourism, the first privatisation of one of the major Greek banks, the first private sector merger of the largest listed player in the food industry with a European dimension requiring EU approvals etc.

The firm’s reputation and spectrum of specialized services were significantly enhanced under the leadership of Stavros Linardakis, who is a strong believer that the provision of legal services only adds value if it offers reliable solutions to business issues, irrespective of the complexities and whether or not a legal precedent exists for any particular issue.

In cooperation with an exceptional team of lawyers with extensive academic background but characterized by a unique problem-solving business approach, the firm is historically known to offer high level services across all fields of business law to both local and primarily multinational companies, which it has successfully represented for decades, evolving into one of the most successful and innovative law firms in Greece.

A member of the IGAL business network, Linardakis & Partners has significantly expanded its presence internationally and has often been instrumental in providing solutions to its multinational clients that go beyond the borders of their Greek subsidiaries and affiliates.

The current client base consists of a multitude of important historical but also newly represented domestic and foreign companies, both listed and private from various sectors of the economy, as well as high net worth individuals.

The firm consists of a base team of 11 lawyers and has developed an extensive network of longstanding collaborations across major cities in Greece in order to facilitate certain administrative and litigation aspects of its clients’ cases in a cost effective manner.

For the team at Linardakis & Partners, the foundation of the services rendered is based on a true understanding of the client’s needs, coupled with in depth knowledge and diligent follow up of the ever changing legislative & business environment, which enables the provision of prompt, practical, reliable and focused proposals for solutions to real time issues and challenges.


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