After decades of representing, amongst other cosmetic companies, the largest global player in the international cosmetics market and providing business solutions and advice to both the local subsidiaries and their European counterparts on a series of legislative and business issues related to the framework and operations across all distribution channels, the firm has developed a significant expertise in all related areas of this sector. It played an instrumental role in incorporating, developing and overseeing the first joint ventures of multinational companies with local players in related fields and has developed a broad client base active in all relevant distribution channels. The firm also represented the first cosmetic direct selling operation which constituted the forefront for the development of this specific market sector.

Groundbreaking legal cases won by the firm on behalf of its clients literally changed the way the market and relevant retail outlets operated, such as the rulings that allowed in-store promoters to promote and sell their respective corporate brands, as well as a series of major high profile cases brought before the Competition Commission.

Typical services rendered involve manufacturing, agency, franchising and distribution agreements and the resolution of subsequent disputes, placement and promotion agreements across the full distribution network with particular expertise in the selective distribution channel, advice and guidance on transactional matters, legislative and related issues, brand management, intellectual property, advertising, distribution and pricing policies, competition issues, privacy and other consumer protection statutes, product issues and recalls, disputes with suppliers, competitors, employees and consumers and local & international compliance issues. The firm has successfully litigated a variety of trademark disputes, unfair competition issues, antitrust issues, complaints brought before the Advertising Self-Regulation Council, consumer claims etc.


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