Food & Beverage

The firm has significant experience and has driven some of the most complex, multi border transactions in the food & beverage sector requiring EU approvals, as well as performing the first triple private sector merger of the largest listed player in the food industry, that involved submitting and securing approvals from the Competition Commission for alternative corporate, shareholder and business scenarios. 

Its local and international clients, which the firm advises and guides on a daily basis, come from a wide spectrum of sectors in the food industry, including companies that produce, market and export both mass and high end consumer branded products (milk and dairy products, various beverages, olive oil and olive products, frozen foods, pita bread products etc), restaurants chains, companies that provide catering services etc.

Typical services rendered include advice and guidance on all corporate matters relating to the operations of these companies, the design and implementation of investment structures and shareholder’s agreements, agency, distribution and franchising agreements with their local and international suppliers and customers, labelling legislation, competition issues, trademark and patent protection, litigation and mediation of disputes etc. 


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