Media & Entertainment

The firm has a long history of involvement in this broad sector, representing a multitude of companies involved in movie and television production, the audio visual industry, advertising and entertainment, as well as many prominent actors, authors, directors and journalists.

It has negotiated and executed pioneering agreements for television production rights which broadened the scope of available television programs, allowing the introduction of a series of foreign programs to the local media market. 

The firm advised and had an active daily role in all aspects of the operations of the largest production and audio-visual companies, negotiating and drafting multiple agreements, primarily relating to copyright and related rights of writers, directors, musicians, actors etc as well as a vast variety of production agreements with all the major public and private television channels.

Media disputes represent an area of significant expertise where the firm has, on many occasions and for a large number of clients, both corporate and advertising agencies, successfully handled cases involving the content of advertisements and unfair competition issues that were brought before the Advertising Self-Regulation Council and the civil courts. 

The firm also negotiated and executed the acquisition and relevant shareholder agreements of 50% of one of the largest entertainment parks in the country, monitoring the operations to date and has handled complex corporate and shareholder disputes. 

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