Software Development & IT

The firm has advised and undertaken a number of transactions on behalf of a series of clients active in the software development, computer technology and IT sector, ranging from the incorporation and financing of innovative startups in the U.S. and Europe to negotiating and drafting complex business cooperation agreements for established software houses. An experienced and specialized team provides legal services and advice on related regulatory issues (including data protection and cyber security), intellectual property and copyright management and protection in multiple jurisdictions, software development, licensing, implementation and outsourcing, knowhow and maintenance agreements, content provider contracts, share purchase and shareholder’s agreements etc. Moreover, the firm advises clients on their legal remedies in cases of breach and helps them defend their rights, when needed, by conducting complex litigation procedures and by planning and coordinating litigation in a variety of jurisdictions, through a network of associate firms.

The firm’s clients develop and license high-end software for a variety of sectors such as banking, tourism, retail and convenience stores, big data analytics services, gaming, e-commerce, mobile applications etc.


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