Tourism, Hotels & Leisure

The firm has been actively representing a multitude of important local and international companies in this sector, including some of the largest international tour operators for incoming tourism, travel agencies, hotel owners, spa & resort chains etc. and has historically significantly contributed to creating and shaping new markets in the tourism industry. A prime example of its role in facilitating the creation of new markets was the chartering and brokerage of luxury sailing yachts throughout the Mediterranean, which abruptly developed and flourished when the firm convinced one of its clients that is a worldwide leader in credit insurance services to open credit lines for the procurement of these vessels by local corporations and entrepreneurs. 

It was a pioneer and the key legal advisor to one of the most significant mergers of international and Greek tour operators that changed the quality, quantity and income level of incoming tourism and it played an instrumental role in the shaping of legislation regarding the branding and copyright protection of the service packages offered by its international hotel chain clients to their customers. 

It has represented clients for the incorporation and exploitation of new hotel resorts and it has successfully negotiated and executed the mergers, acquisitions and lease of existing hotels and resorts across the country on behalf of its domestic and foreign clients. It continues to support these clients in all legal, business and regulatory aspects of their daily operations, including promotion and pricing policies. 

The firm has in depth knowledge in negotiating and drafting all relevant contracts with hotels, tour operators & related suppliers, hotel management agreements, allotment contracts, lease agreements, employee agreements, dealing in parallel with regulatory requirements and intellectual property and franchising issues and it has successfully driven the litigation for multiple unfair competition disputes. 


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