Agency, Distribution & Franchising

Representing and consulting clients on a multitude of complex issues arising from agency, distribution and franchising agreements across a wide spectrum of industries has historically been, and continues to be, one of the pillars of our firm's practice and expertise. Our law firm has significant experience in negotiating and drafting all forms of agency, distribution and franchising agreements and has assisted its clients, both domestic and multinational, in the establishment and development of cross-border agency, distribution and franchising networks, among others, in the areas of retail and consumer products, cosmetics, clothing and accessories, food and beverage, electric equipment, pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products, industrial chemicals, plant protection products and biocides, financial services and computer & network services. We also provide comprehensive assistance to our clients on all potential unfair competition and antitrust matters that may arise from agency, distribution and franchising agreements. 

Our firm has also been significantly active in successfully representing the interests of both manufacturers and their customers in disputes arising out of agency, distribution and franchising agreements, with particular emphasis on matters of termination and remuneration, as well on matters of unfair competition and antitrust. 

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