Competition & Antitrust

Our law firm is very well known for its expertise in the fields of unfair competition and antitrust law, both with respect to the local and the European dimension and we provide proactive advice on issues of compliance with competition law rules and regulations, also handling litigation cases involving unfair competition and antitrust law issues. Our highly-skilled lawyers have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of the procedures before the competent courts for all types of unfair practices (improper solicitation of customers, pricing, illegal advertising, exploitation of third parties’ goodwill, etc.) and have successfully handled numerous litigation disputes on these issues.  

Our specialized legal team also has significant expertise in all proceedings before the Competition Commission for all issues of antitrust law and has successfully handled a variety of cases at all jurisdiction levels, including cases before the Supreme Administrative Court (Council of the State). Indicatively, our firm has successfully handled several high stakes cases concerning, among others, the merger control and the request for approval by the Competition Commission of multiple concentrations in the banking sector, the European dimension merger of the largest listed food companies, the first triple private sector merger of the largest listed player in the food industry that involved submitting and securing approvals from the Competition Commission for alternative corporate, shareholder and business scenarios, the clearance of numerous selective and exclusive distribution networks, the successful defence of alleged antitrust violations of selective distribution systems and commercial policies, the successful defence of banks, energy and electric equipment companies in numerous cases of alleged abuse of dominant and collective dominant position, the successful defence in multiple cases of alleged antitrust violations of horizontal and vertical agreements in the areas of cosmetics, clothing and accessories, electric equipment, financial services and computer and network services, as well as the successful defence in cases of alleged cartel participation. 

As a recognized expert in the field, Linardakis & Partners has contributed the chapter of Unfair Competition in all 3 editions (2012, 2016 and 2019) of the Greek Law Digest, the most complete and comprehensive legal guide that has ever been published in the English language on all the basic regulatory and legal aspects that an investment in Greece may entail.


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