Real Estate & Constructions

Our firm’s practice covers all aspects of real estate transactions, including the sale, purchase and lease of commercial, industrial and residential real estate. We provide our clients with comprehensive assistance throughout the whole process of real estate transactions, from due diligence and transaction planning and financing to negotiation and implementation. We also provide advice and guidance on the feasibility, land usage restrictions and the complex mechanisms and requirements necessary to secure all relevant administrative permits. Typical services rendered also include negotiation and drafting of the relevant acquisition, construction, sub-contracting and lease agreements. Our specialized team provides services both on behalf of companies seeking the acquisition or leasing of real property for their own corporate use and on behalf of companies involved in real estate for investment purposes, including real estate investment companies. Finally, our firm advises and guides interested non EU residents through the Golden Visa real estate procedure, which enables them to obtain a residence permit subject to meeting the criteria of the relevant legislation.   

Our firm has been active in representing clients such as major Banks, domestic and multinational companies active in the fields of energy, retail, tourism and hotels, food & beverage, entertainment, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and electric & electronic equipment, as well as real estate investors in all aspects of their real estate and construction projects. 

Throughout its long practice, the firm has successfully handled, among others, the setting up of the largest mall in the city of Athens, the construction and development of both residential and commercial complexes, industrial units, warehouses and logistics centers as well as the establishment of large scale hotel resorts and tourist accommodation facilities.

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